On the food front – 9.12.2017

I’m the type of person lately who wants to know what EVERYBODY is eating. I’m convinced what people eat tells me who they are and what they value. Honestly, I’m nosey!  BUT the more I read about food and nutrition and lifestyle and the more I test out foods — the more I’m finding that different diets and plans and lifestyles work differently for everyone. So here are a few points of what has been working for me recently.

  1. Food is an investment in my health, so I fully acknowledge that I may be spending more on quality and fresh foods.
  2. Cooking my own food IS fun, and I like knowing what goes into my food.
  3. Avoid oils, if at all possible. If not, keep in mind the oils I’m consuming during the day.
  4. Avoid refined sugars and refined flours, if at all possible. My sister and I went a week without eating refined sugars, and let me tell you – it was life-changing and mind-opening!
  5. The Nutritionfacts.org and/or Dr. Gregor’s daily dozen is a great way to focus my plans for eating throughout the day. Also, the daily dozen has done wonders in shifting my brain from thinking “how can I eat less” into “have I eaten enough”!
  6. When I’m hungry or looking for a snack, I am to choose a whole food plant option over something processed.
  7. Fiber is the new protein!

An awesome coffee/frozen almond milk/date smoothie in an awesome free Indy Fuel Hockey cup. It is such a great pick-me-up for after-work and pre-anything else I’m up to in the evening. 


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