To the top of Mount Cheam

“Want to hike Mt. Cheam tomorrow?” says Julia to a fresh-off-of-the-plane Kelsey.  Without hesitation I said, “YES!”  It wasn’t until the early morning, while we were packing up to leave did I pull up any information about the hike – i.e. what it looked like, how long of a hike, how difficult of a hike…

The hike to Mt. Cheam was a five-star time. The first thought that comes into my mind was how lucky we were to have a alpine blueberries growing along most of the hike for a yummy snack as well. The hike is about 9 kilometers round trip (6ish miles) and it took us about two hours to get up and an hour/hour and a half to come down. It is a little funny, without know much about the hike, I was photographing this one peak for most of the drive as we were driving towards it and the trailhead. Even throughout the first half of the hike, we were what appeared to be a trail heading to the top of that one peak. However, it turned out to be Lady Peak, which is next to Mt. Cheam.

The drive to the trailhead was a real trip. There were craters in the road the entire way up to the trailhead, which took us about two hours (it felt like that anyways) to arrive. The hike starts out nice and easy with little incline. Then it turns into spurts of incline, while in the alpine section, and more regular inclines past the alpine line and towards the top.  We were surrounded by a few groups of hikers, so it was busier than I was expecting on a Thursday. Also, we could see Mt. Baker (Washington state) for nearly the entire hike. The day we went on the hike was perfect weather for late September in British Columbia, and we enjoyed a great lunch with a great 360 view at the top. IMG_8943.jpgIMG_8963.jpgIMG_6696.jpgIMG_6690.jpgIMG_9333.jpg

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